Chemical Dependency Health Services

Offering Hope, Promoting Change, Reuniting Families and Rebuilding Lives


                                  Meet our dedicated C D H S Staff


Our CDHS Staff provides quality services through team work, patient advocacy, and a core belief that every individual is valuable and important.  You are our #1 concern!  We provide individualized treatment based on your unique needs.  

CDHS has qualified licensed experienced Medical personnel on duty six days a week and are able to address any medical concerns with the patient as needed. Our medical staff is made up of one doctor two nurses and a medical assistant. Our medical staff works at a high level of professionalism and integrity to provide our patients with quality care.

Our medical staff provides pregnancy testing, lab work, TB, HIV, STD, and Hepatitis-C testing and education to all patients. Our doctor meets with all new patients to complete a medical evaluation within seven days of admission. Our doctor is conscientious and careful when it comes to our patient's health; he is committed to excellent patient care.

Our C D H S Counseling team provides individualized outpatient treatment and group counseling services. Our counselors are available to address most concerns that you may have. They are hard working dedicated individuals with the patient's welfare being their number 1 concern. All of our counselors are certified, have the credentials and competency, to help facilitate change and encourage growth. They are skilled and proficient in their abilities to guide, nurture and assist patients in recovery.

Our CDHS Reception area is comfortable and child friendly. Our Office Manager provides the needed foundation for communication between the medical staff and counselors as well as lend necessary assistance to the Clinic Director, CFO and COO of the company. Our support staff is our first line of communication for staff and patients. Support staff work to bridge the gap of communication between departments to ensure a continuity of service and are committed and enthusiastic regarding our patient care.

Management provides the philosophical framework and guiding principles that affect every aspect of the provision of services. Underlying all that we do is the core belief that each individual is a unique creation reflective of the One who created us and therefore valuable, important, deserving of care and concern, and worthy of dignity and respect.